African Geomatics

Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying is the field of surveying that specializes in the establishment and re-establishment of property boundaries. Cadastral surveys create, mark and re-establish the boundaries of land parcels. A cadastre is a comprehensive recording of the property boundaries of all land parcels with real property rights in a country. In Namibia all real property rights get registered in the Deeds Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform. Land parcels can be residential, commercial or industrial erven in towns and farms in rural areas.

Township Surveys are surveys for the purposes of township establishment. A township is a group of pieces of land, which are combined with streets and public places and are used mainly for residential, industrial, business or similar purposes. Townships are recorded on a General Plan and are filed at the Surveyor-General’s office and the Deeds Office.
We assist land owners to locate the beacons of their property and can supply them with a beacon certificate.
A servitude is a real right that a person, or the owner of immovable property, has over the immovable property of another. A servitude needs to be surveyed and is registered in the Deeds Office. Servitude types include right-of-way, water pipelines, overhead electric powerlines, etc..
Farm surveys usually need to be carried out if a farm owner wants to subdivide his farm. The subdivision of farms is regulated by the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act (Act 70 of 1970) and statutory consents need to be in place before a farm survey is carried out.
All land parcels can be subdivided into smaller parcels, provided all statutory consents are in place. Land parcels can also be consolidated to a bigger land parcel.
Sectional Titles deal with the ownership of different parts of a building and the undivided share in common property. Different areas of buildings can be assigned to different owners. The individual titles can be traded. Sectional Titles can be applied to all kinds of developments, commercial or residential.